Last Update: 19 Jul 2019
HKSQ Members Pay Reduced Fee for
ASQ Certification Examinations held in Hong Kong

The HKSQ is honored to be a WorldPartner of American Society for Quality (ASQ). Since late 1980's, HKSQ has been organizing and proctoring ASQ Certification examinations held in Hong Kong. HKSQ members can apply to sit for ASQ Certification Examinations held in Hong Kong at ASQ member rates if such applications are processed through HKSQ. To enjoy the discounted examination fee, you must be an individual member of HKSQ for at least 3 months.

Please send the Application for Reduced Fee for an ASQ Certification Examination, along with a completed ASQ Certification Application Form and a crossed cheque (payable to The Hong Kong Society for Quality Ltd.) to Hong Kong Society for Quality. Please allow sufficient time for mailing. The submission should be posted to and received by HKSQ at least 3 weeks before the normal deadline for application announced by ASQ on its web site. HKSQ will acknowledge receipt of the application through email.

Your application will not be processed if full payment is not enclosed. The required payment includes the application fee applicable to ASQ members plus a processing fee at a rate of HK$ 450 per examination. The processing fee is non refundable. The rules that relate to fees charged by ASQ are determined by ASQ as stated on its Certification Application form.

Click here to download the Application Form for Reduced Fee for an ASQ Certification Examination.

Visit ASQ's web site at and click the certification that meets your need to:-

1. download the required form for the specific ASQ certification application,

2. obtain information on specific ASQ certification program, such as its requirements, body of knowledge, fees, examination dates and deadline for application.

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