Last Update: 9 Oct 2019
Industrial 4.0 in Quality Management

The new wave of smarter, high connectivity and advanced technology used in production is a hallmark of Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. Data analytics and digital trust are the foundation of Industry 4.0. Therefore, massive amounts of data will be available to management in real-time, and from multiple sources simultaneously, and that data must be used to enable quick, situational decision-making.

For example, Industry 4.0 makes it possible to make existing quality management processes more efficient and effective with applications including root-cause analysis based on real-time data, predictive quality control and partial automation of inspection / QA activities using AI. Moreover, Industry 4.0 allows us to get richer data from products in the field by feedbacking data collected from Smart Products to quality management activities in a seamless and integrated way using IoT platforms.

This seminar aims to enable participants to acquire basic understanding of Industry 4.0 data-driven quality management and its implementation in your business process. Quality Professional will need to embrace i4.0 technologies and use them to drive innovation while improving overall quality.

Speaker: Patrick Kabasci (Director Operations, INC Invention Center Hong Kong)

Patrick has been helping companies innovate in the context of Industry 4.0 since its beginning. He has guided manufacturing companies to set up innovation departments rated amongst the top performers, in Germany and built strategies for clients for trends like the digital transformation.

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