Last Update: 12 Aug 2019
Workshop on BoK for Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence

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The 2019 Intake of Workshop on Body of Knowledge (BoK) for Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence (MQ/OE) will commence on 24 August 2019.
This Workshop will review the basic knowledge and relevant techniques listed in the BoK of ASQs Certified MQ/OE Program. Quality managers and engineers who wish to obtain recognition as ASQ CMQ/OE, or professionals who wish to refresh their familiarity with the concepts, tools and methodologies in the BoK for ASQs CMQ/OE Program will find the Workshop useful.
Starting in September 2019, the 2019 CMQ/OE BoK will be tested, and the 2019 CMQ/OE BoK features a different exam. structure. This Intake of the Workshop will be based on the 2019 CMQ/OE BoK.

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