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1993/1994 session

The Chairman’s Report (1993/1994 session)

The officers and members of the Executive Committee for the financial year ending 31 March 1994 are as follows:
Chairman : Mr. W.O.Lee
Vice Chairman : Mr. C.P.Chow
Hon. Secretary : Mr. Aaron W.K.Tong
Hon. Treasurer : Mr. Y.C.Tsim
Regular Committee Members : Mr. Michael C.T.Shu
Mr. Robert E.F.Shu
Mr. K L Yeung
Mr. C.W.Chu
Mr. Albert H.C.Tsang
Mr. Warner S.Y.Yeh

I am pleased to report that we had another successful year for the 93/94 session. A video show, one seminar, two works visits and two training courses were organised by the Society during the last session. These events were well received by our members and participants from the local industries.

We are very thankful to Mr. Warner Yeh and Mr. C.W. Chu who continued to serve as proctors for all the ASQC Certification Examinations held in Hong Kong last year. Encouraged by the enthusiastic feedback, the Society had organised a CQE Refresher Course in March/April 1994 to prepare our members for the June 1994 ASQC CQE examination. To enhance our cooperation on certification programs, ASQC has invited our Society to be her ¡¥Certification Affiliate¡¦ which legally authorised our Society to be the sole ASQC certification examination administrator in Hong Kong. The Society has agreed to the proposal and is now waiting for the final agreement from ASQC.

As another effort to provide better service to our members, we have obtained a 10 percent discount facility for our members for most purchases at the Swindon Book Co. Ltd. and the Hong Kong Book Centre Ltd.

Listing of Activites

(A) Technical Meetings

  • Video show on ¡§A Prophet Unheard¡¨ presented immediately after the 4th AGM of the Society held on 30 June 1993.
  • Talk on ¡§ASQC Certification Programs for CQE, CRE, and CQA¡¨ presented by Mr. C.W. Chu, Senior Director of American Greetings Corp. An enthusiastic group of 40 attended the talk.

(b) Work Visits

  • 20 members visited MTRC on 24 July 1993.
  • 31 members visited HAECO on 11 December 1993.

(c) Training Courses

  • An 18-hour ¡§Refresher Course for the CQE Examination¡¨ was organised for the first time from 10 March – 20 April 1994. 14 members enrolled for the course to prepare themselves for the June 1994 examination.
  • The 4th annual ¡§Total Quality Management (TQM)¡¨ training course of 20-hour duration was conducted from 2 – 26 May 1994. Following the track record of its predecessor, it was attended by 27 members and positively commended by the participants.

Our Executive Committe had 8 meetings for the session 93/94. My sincere thanks go to the members of the Executive Committee, whose dedication and commitment are essential for the success of our activities. Mr. Michael Shu, who has served on the Executive Committee for the past 4 years, had immigrated to the United States in February 1994. We wish him and his family all the best in his future endeavors.

Last but not least, congratulations to Mr. Navin S Dedhia, ASQC International Chapter Chairman, for being awarded the Lancaster Award for his outstanding contributions to the ASQC.


Prepared by W.O.Lee

Chairman 1993/1994 – HKSQC

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