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2017/2018 session

The Chairman’s Report (2017/2018 session)

Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) has recorded another successful year in 2017/2018 on its commitment to serving Quality Professionals in Hong Kong. This report includes the Society organization, major events and activities in the fiscal year ending 30 June 2018 as following.


Section A. Executive Committee and Representatives

Chairman : Dr. Lotto LAI
Vice Chairman : Ms. Angela Wong
Hon. Secretary : Dr. Sherman Ngan
Hon. Treasurer : Mr. Ricky SUEN
Regular Committee Members : Ms. Minda CHIANG
Ir. Dr. K.S. CHIN
Mr. Peter FUNG
Ms. Natalie LAW
Ms. Sunny MENG
Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG
Ir. Dr. Albert TSANG
Prof. Fugee TSUNG
Mr. Theo WONG
Co-opted Members : Dr. Ken YAU
Dr. Jacky TING
Mr. Simon TONG
Dr. Catherine CHAN
Ms. Jane WONG
Mr. Theo WONG
Ms. Ka Po CHUN
Dr. Ivan NG
HKSQ Oversea Representatives : Prof. Frankey PUN (Representative of the Americas)
Dr. Andy WONG (Representative of the UK)

Section B. Governance

  • In the 2017/2018 session, the Executive Committee met 4 times to plan and review the activities organized by the Society. One of these meetings was dedicated to formulation of the plan of activities in the year under review.

Section C. Activities

  • HKSQ activities held in 2017/2018 are summarized below:
    • Membership drive: 3
    • Workshop/Training courses: 4
    • Seminars: 11 (3 organized by HKSQ; 8 supported by HKSQ)
    • Conferences: 4 (+2)
    • Study Missions: 1
    • Student Project Competition: 1
    • Social Event: 0
    • Publication: 1
  • These activities were well received by our members and other participants.
  • 1. Membership, Membership Drive and Professional Certifications
    • Up to end of June 2018, the Society has 250 individual members (with voting rights), 0 Student Members and 12 Corporate Members. These 250 individual members consist of 184 Ordinary Members, 59 Senior Members and 7 Fellows.
    • Membership drives were conducted at City University of Hong Kong by Chairman (Lotto), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University by Former Chairman (Albert), as well as, “VF Asia Quality Summit” on 7 November 2017 by Former Chairman (Peter) to attract new members from undergraduate, post-graduate students and industry.
    • The Society has 24 Certified Six Sigma Black Belts, 139 Certified Six Sigma Green Belts, 2 Certified Laboratory Quality Specialists, and 9 Certified Quality Engineers on its registers of certified quality professionals.
  • 2. Workshops/Training Courses
    • Workshop on BOK for Six Sigma Black Belt, 15 July – 16 September 2017
    • Workshop on Reliability & Maintenance Analyses, 18 November – 16 December 2017
    • Workshop on BOK for Quality Engineer, 27 January – 17 March 2018
    • Workshop on BOK for Reliability Engineer, 7 April – 19 May 2018
    • 3. Seminars

Events Organized by HKSQ:

      • Seminar on ““Extenics – A Novel Innovation Theory and Methodology originated in China”, 28 July 2017
      • Seminar on ” Out of the Crisis of the Quality Professional: The New Renaissance in the Quality Discipline”, 15 December 2017
      • HKSQ Seminar on “Quality Dimensions of Apps and Infrastructure Development for Smart City – Success Cases”, 14 June 2018.

Events Supported by HKSQ:

    • The Society supported 8 quality related events hosted by other organizations in last fiscal year. We continued to support other local and international professional bodies in organizing seminars or symposia that align with our objectives to leverage the resources and allow members to join these activities at no cost or at discounted prices.
    • Our former Chairman (Dr. Albert Tsang) was invited as speaker at the Seminar on “Enhancing Product Reliability Through Machine Learning: From Prediction to Implementation” organized by Minitab and hosted at HKPC on 12 July 2018.
    • 4. Conferences

International Conference:

      • ANQ Congress 2017, Kathmandu, Nepal, 20 – 21 September 2017
      • International Academy for Quality World Quality Forum, Slovenian, 13 October 2017
      • World Summit For Chinese Quality, Taiwan, 16 November 2017
      • National Quality Conference, Saudi Arabia, 28 – 30 November 2017 (Chairman invited as keynote)

Mainland China and Local Conference:

    • International Six Sigma Council (ISSC) Asia Quality Management (AQM) Symposium held on 10 May 2018. (Chairman invited as speaker)
    • The 20th Anniversary Ceremony Summit for Quality Management Master Program (浙江大學 – 香港理工大學品質管理 (QM) 碩士項目合作辦學二十周年慶典高峰論壇) held in Hangzhou on 5 May 2018. (Chairman invited as keynote)
  • 5. Study Mission and Visit
    • HKSQ Congratulate to Dr. Aaron Tong awarded China Outstanding Quality Professional (中國傑出質量人) 2017 and visit Beijing Industries on 14 April 2018.
    • wo-day technical visit to Foshan Coca Cola Plant and Ceramics Museum on 19 and 20 January 2018.
  • 6. Student Project Competition
    • The Society organized the 14th Company Based Student Project Competition in January – March 2018. It attracted teams formed by students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University. We are grateful to Defond Group for offering contestants with real projects in their operations, hosting a works visit for contestants to make observations and collect data, and serving on the judging panel of the Competition.
  • 7. Publications
    • A newsletter published on 7 February 2018 was distributed to members to update them the past and forthcoming activities
  • 8. Social Events
    • Dinner Gathering with members after the last AGM held on 28 Jul 2017

Section D. Networking

  • International/Regional:
    • Mr. Peter Fung, Dr. KS Chin, Dr. Lotto Lai and Ms. Minda Chiang represented the Society to attend the ANQ Congress in Kathmandu, Nepal, 20 – 21 September 2017 so as to build working relationships with other ANQ member organizations.
    • Dr. KS Chin, represented the Society to join the ANQ-CEC (Certification and Examination) Meeting in Nepal, 19 September 2017
    • Chairman and 8 members represented the Society to join the 2nd World Summit For Chinese Quality, Taiwan, 16 November 2017.
    • Dr. KS Chin, Dr. Aaron Tong, Mr. Peter Fung, Dr. Lotto Lai and Minda Chiang represented the Society to attend the WACQ Meeting in Taiwan, 16 November 2017.
    • Dr. Albert Tsang represented the Society to attend the ASQ World Conference for Quality and Improvement held in Seattle, WA, 30 April – 2 May 2018.
    • Dr. Albert Tsang represents HKSQ on matters relating to ASQ.
    • Dr. KS Chin represents HKSQ on matters relating to ANQ.
    • Dr. KS Chin, Dr. Lotto Lai and Dr. Aaron Tong represents HKSQ on matters relating to WACQ.
  • Local / Mainland:
    • HKSQ Exco members attended 30th anniversary dinner held by Shenzhen Association for Quality (SZAQ), 24 September 2017
    • Met Mr. R. Srinivasan (Former Chairman, NIQR; Sr. GM – Operations, Natesan Synchrocones Pvt. Limited) and his family, 27 December 2017
    • Met Prof. Jianbo Yang (Director, Decision and Cognitive Sciences Research Centre (DCS), Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester), 29 December 2017
    • Prof. Cai Wen visit HKSTP and Dinner with HKSQ Exco members on 11 May 2018
    • Prof. Yang Chunyan visit HKSTP & CityU and Dinner with HKSQ Exco members on 3 April 2018
    • Dr. Lotto Lai and Dr. Aaron Tong represented the Society to join the International Six Sigma Council 12th Anniversary, 10 May 2018.

Section E. Service to the Community

  • The Society served as a member of the Advisory Committee of HKQAA for Start-up Companies. (Represented by Dr. Lotto Lai)
  • The Society served as a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Brand Development Council. (Represented by Dr. Albert Tsang)
  • The Society served as a mentor in the SUCCESS Mentorship Program. (Represented by Dr. Aaron Tong)
  • The Society served as a member of the HKQF for TIC Industry Training Advisory Committee. (Represented by Dr. Lotto Lai)

Section F. Internet Communication Groups

  • HKSQ LinkedIn Group (Established since 2009)
  • HKSQ Facebook Group (Established since 2010)
  • HKSQ Twitter Group (Established since 2010)
  • We continued to make use of Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to share quality related information with quality practitioners worldwide.

Here, we are thankful for all the participation and support from members, partners and sponsors that made the above events successful.

Last but not least, I am sincerely grateful for the contributions of the Executive Committee, Sub-committee and co-opt members’ efforts in promoting quality and innovation awareness in Hong Kong. Without your hard work in planning and implementation, the above activities would not be that successful.


Prepared by Lotto Lai

Chairman – 2017/2018


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