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1995/1996 session

The Chairman’s Report (1995/1996 session)

The officers and members of the Executive Committee for the financial year ending 31 March 1995 are as follows:
Chairman : Mr. C P Chow
Vice Chairman : Mr. W O Lee
Hon. Secretary : Mr. K S CHIN
Hon. Treasurer : Mr. Peter FUNG
Regular Committee Members : Mr. Albert H C Tsang
Mr. Warner S Y Yeh
Mr. Aaron TONG
Mr. Raymond FUNG
Mr. Karson CHUI

I am pleased to report that we have another good year for the 1995/1996 session. A video show, three seminars, two work visits and two training courses are organized by the Society during the last session. These events are well received by our members and the participants from various local sectors. The total number of participants is more than 270.
The number of members has dropped from 342 to 254 as of 30 June 1996. It is because we have removed those members who do not pay their membership fee for more than 2 years. Totally 175 members have been removed. Meanwhile, there are 87 new members during the period.

We are very thankful to Mr. Warner Yeh and Mr. C.W. Chu who continued to serve as proctors for all the ASQC Examinations held in Hong Kong in the last twelve months. The Society has organized one CQE Refresher Course in July/ September 95 to prepare members for the ASQC CQE examination. Another course of the same nature planned to be held in Jan/ Mar 1996 was cancelled due to insufficient demand.

Listing of activities held in 1995/1996 session

A. Technical Meetings

  • Video show on AListening to Customers, presented immediately after the 6th AGM of the Society held on 04 August 1996.
  • A talk on AQS9000O by Ivan Ha and Karson Chui, with 17 participants, on 20 December 1995.
  • A talk on AQuality in Education by Professor L. K. Chan and Mr. Burdon from Department of Applied Statistics and Operational Research of CityU, and by Chung-Shing Poon from Education Department, on 10 April, 1996. 39 participants attended the event.
  • A case presentation seminar on An Implementation of Business Process Reegineering was held on 30 April, 1996, with 200 participants.

B. Work Visits

  • 11 members visited The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Ltd. on 11 November 1995.
  • 20 members visited Hong Kong Telecom Telecommunication Technology Centre on 27 April 1996.

C. Training Courses

  • A 20-hour TQM training course was organized in May/June, with 6 participants.
  • A Refresher Course for the CQE Examination was held from 19 July 95 to 20 September 95, with 10 participants.

D. Other Major Activities

  • The Society is one of the professional bodies supporting the 1995 Quality Management Student Project Competition organized by the Quality & Reliability Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Mr. W. O. Lee, our Vice Chairman, served as one of the members on the Judging Panel.
  • The Society is one of the thirteen participating organizations in AQuality Month 1996 organized by the Hong Kong Government Industry Department during March/April 1996. Two seminars were organized by the Society for that event with other bodies. These have been listed in item A above. In the opening ceremony, Mr. Warner Yeh, our past chairman, was presented with a special award in appreciation of his dedication to promoting quality in Hong Kong by Mrs. Regina Ip, JP, Director-General of Industry.
  • The Society is also one of the organizers of the AQuality Promotion Poster Design Competition, a major activity in AQuality Month 1996.
  • Mr. K.S. Chin, our Hon. Secretary, has represented the Society to attend the International Chapter session, AQuality Towards 2010 in ASQC’s 50th Annual Quality Congress from 13 to 15 May, 1996.

We would like to thank our Hon. Advisor Professor L.K. Chan for his advice and support to the Society.

Our Executive Committee met 7 times during the session 95/96. My sincere thanks go to the members of the Executive Committee whose dedication and commitment are essential for the success of our activities.


Chairman – HKSQC (1995/1996)

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