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2008/2009 session

The Chairman’s Report (2008/2009 session)

The office bearers and members of the Executive Committee for the financial year ending 30 June 2009 are as follows:
Chairman : Ir. Dr. Albert Tsang
Vice Chairman : Mr. Lotto Lai
Hon. Secretary : Ms Minda Chiang
Hon. Treasurer : Dr. James Lam
Regular Committee Members : Ir. Dr. K.S. Chin
Mr. Karson Chui
Mr. C.P. Chow
Ir. Dr. Aaron Tong
Mr. Humphrey Lee
Mr. Peter Fung
Dr. Fugee Tsung
Mr. S.W. Lam
Mr. Ben Tsang
Dr. Antonio Lau
Co-opted Members : Prof. Frankey Pun
Dr. Zoie Wong

The year under review has been a special year. First, it marks the 20th year since your Society has attained its local identity. Second, the financial tsunami emerged in the year have been wreaking sweeping havoc in the global economy. While this unprecedented crisis inflicts a lot of pains to individuals as well as enterprises, it offers unique opportunities to demonstrate the contributions Quality Management can make to strengthen ourselves in periods of adversity and to revive speedily in the aftermath of a crisis. This is the theme of a seminar we organized in the past year that attracted 150 participants.

The certification scheme that gives recognition to members with the professional knowledge required of Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) has been in operation for three years. By the end of 2009, 99 members were already on our register of SSGB.

We continued to maintain established links with other professional bodies locally and globally through the organization of and participation in joint events, as well as involvement in various forms of networking activities. These efforts are reflected in the highlights of the Society’s affairs in the year under review to be presented below.


  • The Executive Committee met 12 times to plan and review the activities organized by the Society. One of these meetings, held on 13 September 2008 was dedicated to formulation of the plan of activities in the year under review.


  • The annual Membership drive was launched in September 2008 at City University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to attract new members.
  • Up to the end of June 2009, the Society has 309 members of various grades. These include 5 Corporate Members, 6 Fellows, and 45 Senior Members.
  • To broaden the pool of our membership, a new membership grade, i.e., student members, is proposed to be introduced at the 20th AGM.

International / Regional Networking

  • Representatives of HKSQ met with Prof. Shu Yamada, representative of the Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC), in February 2009.
  • Ir. Dr. K.S. Chin visited the Chinese Society for Quality (CSQ), Taipei in June 2009 and meet their directors and Secretary General. Valuable information and CSQ¡¦s experience in running their certified quality professional examination scheme were obtained from the meeting.
  • Your Vice Chairman and your Hon. Secretary represented the Society at the 6th Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand, 28 to 31 October 2008. The former also presented a paper at the event.
  • Your Chairman represented the Society to attend the HKQAA Symposium 2008, 10 to 12 December 2008.
  • Your Chairman represented the Society to attend the Fellowship Dinner of Six Sigma Society held on 3 March 2009.


Seminars, workshops and technical visits were organized by the Society. These activities were well received by our members and other participants.

  • Workshops/Training Course
    • The annual Workshop on Body of Knowledge for Quality Engineer (24 instructional hours) was conducted during the period from 2 August to 20 September 2008, with 8 participants.
    • The annual Workshop on Body of Knowledge for Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence was conducted during the period from 29 November 2008 to 24 January 2009 (21 instructional hours), with 8 participants.
    • The annual Workshop on Body of Knowledge for Six Sigma Black Belt was conducted during the period from 9 May to 11 July 2009 (30 instructional hours), with 6 participants..
  • Technical Meetings
    • Lean Management: Principles and Practice – 18 July 2008
    • ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001 – 1 August 2008, in collaboration with Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP)
    • ISO9001:2008 Implementation – 11 September 2008, in collaboration with HKSTP and Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
    • Reliability Analysis: What is it Different? – 14 November 2008
    • Managing the Beijing Olympics Construction Projects – 19 December 2008, in collaboration with Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Division (HKIE, MIE Div.)
    • Upgrade to ISO 9001:2008 & Get Equipped to Meet the Challenges of the Economic Downturn – 5 January 2009, in collaboration with HKIE, MIE Div.
    • Quality in Outsourcing – 10 January 2009, in collaboration with HKIE, MIE Div.
    • Fail and Fix to Predict and Prevent – A Paradigm Shift in Engineering Asset Management – 20 February 2009, in collaboration with Smart Engineering Asset Management (SEAM) Laboratory, CityU
    • A Critical Rethink of Supplier Quality Assurance Management of Hardware Manufacturing – 26 February 2009, in collaboration with Institute for Supply Management, Hong Kong
    • Secrets of KMB’s Exemplary Bus Service and Fleet Management – 27 February 2009, in collaboration with HKIE, MIE Div.
    • Asset Management PAS 55:2008 – Experience Exchange on Asset Management – 20 March 2009, in collaboration with British Standards Institution of Hong Kong
    • o A New Perspective on Electronic Product Reliability – 3 April 2009, in collaboration with SEAM Laboratory, CityU
  • Technical Visits
    • Hong Kong Yakult Co., Ltd – 7 November 2008
    • KMB’s Lai Chi Kok Depot – 27 February 2009
  • Student Project Competition
    • The Society organized the 5th Company Based Student Project Competition which attracted 8 contesting teams formed by students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, and Chinese University of Hong Kong. We are grateful to SMT Ltd. for offering contestants with real projects in its operation, hosting a works visit for contestants to make observations and collect data, serving on the judging panel, and for its sponsorship of the prizes.

Service to the Community

  • Ir. Dr. Aaron Tong represented the Society in serving as mentor in the SME Mentorship Program organized by Trade and Industry Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government.
  • Mr. Karson Chui, Ms Minda Chiang and your Chairman served as proctors of ASQ certification examinations held in Hong Kong.

We are most grateful to our strategic partners – TQM Consultants Ltd. and Techmax Information Technology (Hong Kong) Company – for their support in promoting our activities. Last but not least, my sincere thanks go to the regular and co-opted members of the Executive Committee, whose dedication and commitment are essential for the success of our activities in the past year.


Prepared by Albert Tsang

Chairman – 2008/2009

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