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1996/1997 session

The Chairman’s Report (1996/1997 session)

The officers and members of the 1997/1998 Executive Committee for the year ending 30 June 1998 are as follows:
Chairman : Mr. C P Chow
Vice Chairman : Mr. W O Lee
Hon. Secretary : Mr. K S CHIN
Hon. Treasurer : Mr. Peter FUNG
Regular Committee Members : Mr. Warner YEH
Mr. Albert TSANG
Mr. Aaron TONG
Mr. Karson CHUI
Mr. Winco YUNG
Mr. Frankey PUN

This is my third report since I have been elected as Chairman consecutive for the past three years. According to the constitution of the Society, it has to be the last year for me served as Chairman of the Society.
The 1996/1997 session is another good year for the Society. Seminars, work visits and training courses and ASQ examinations are organized by the Society during the last session. These events are well received by our members and the participants from various local sectors. The total number of participants of these events is over one hundred.The total number of members as of 30 June, 1997 is 249. Among these members, 154 of them have paid their membership fee for the session 1997/1998.We are very thankful to Mr. Warner Yeh, K S Chin and Karson Chui continue to serve as proctors for all the ASQ Examinations held in Hong Kong. The Society has organized one CQM Refresher Course in January this year to help members to prepare for the ASQ CQM examination. Another course of same nature planned to be held in July 1997 was cancelled due to insufficient demand.Listing of activities held in 1996/1997 session

A. Technical Meetings

  • Seminar on “Software Quality Improvement” by Daniel Wong from Motorola Semiconductors Hong Kong Ltd. on 21 April ,1997.
  • Seminar on “Service Quality” (organized jointly with the Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering Division of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers) by Fiona Cheung of Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Aaron Tong of TQM Consultant Co. Ltd. on 13 May, 1997.

B. Work Visits

  • 22 members visited Electronics Devices Limited on 22 February , 1997.
  • 16 members visited Hong Kong Telecom GIS (Graphical Information System) on 22 March, 1997.

C. Training Course

  • A “Refresher course for the CQM examination” has been held in January 1997 with 12 participants.

D. Other Major Activities

  • The Society continues to sponsored the ASQ examinations in Hong Kong.
  • The Society is one of the professional bodies supporting the 1996 Quality Management Student Project Competition organized by the Quality & Reliability Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Mr. W. O. Lee, our Vice Chairman, served as one of the members on the Judging Panel.
  • The Society is one of the Organizers of “Quality Promotion Poster Design Competition 1997” which is one of the events of Quality Month 1997.
  • The Society is one of the thirteen participating organizations in “Quality Month 1997” organized by the Hong Kong Government Industry Department during March/May 1997. Two seminars were organized by the Society for that event with other bodies. These are listed in item A above.
  • The Society is one of the supporting bodies of the 2nd International Conference on Quality and Reliability (ICQR 97) to be held in Hong Kong in September 1997.
  • The Society also continues to provide the service to members of getting copies of Certified Quality Manager / CQE/ CQA primers to help them to prepare for the ASQ examinations.

Our Executive Committee has held 8 meetings for the session 96/97. My sincere thanks go to the members of the Executive Committee. Without their dedication and commitment the success of the activities of the Society cannot be achieved.


Chairman – HKSQC (1996/1997)

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