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1994/1995 session

The Chairman’s Report (1994/1995 session)

The officers and members of the Executive Committee for the financial year ending 31 March 1995 are as follows:
Chairman : Mr. C P Chow
Vice Chairman : Mr. W O Lee
Hon. Secretary : Mr. Aaron Tong
Hon. Treasurer : Mr. C W Chu
Regular Committee Members : Mr. Albert H C Tsang
Mr. Warner S Y Yeh
Mr. K L Yeung
Mr. Robert Shu
Mr. Peter Fung
Mr. KS Chin

I am pleased to report that we have another successful year for the 1994/1995 session. A video show, three seminars, three works visits and two training courses were organised by the Society during the last session. These events were well received by our members and the participants from various local sectors. More than 300 participants attended these events.

We are very thankful to Mr. Warner Yeh and C W Chu who continued to serve as proctors for all the ASQC Examinations held in Hong Kong in the last twelve months. The Society organised two CQE Refresher Courses in 1995. The first of these courses ran in January/March 1995 to prepare members for the June 1995 ASQC CQE examination. The second running started in July and it will end in September 1995.

In order to improve communication with all members, a Post Office Box has been opened in September 1994. The postal address is as follows:

Hong Kong Society for Quality Control
P.O. Box 84375
Hunghom Bay Post Office
Kowloon, Hong Kong.

We have also printed 2,000 brochures to promote the Society¡¦s activities.

Listing of Activites

(A) Technical Meetings

  • Video show on ¡§NCR Production¡¨ presented immediately after the 5th AGM of the Society held on 25 July 1994.
  • Talk on ¡§Quality Drive in a Financial Institution¡¨ by Helen Kan with 60 participants.
  • Talk on ¡§Quality Management¡¨ by Charles A Aubrey II with 80 participants.
  • Talk on ¡§Quality Function Deployment and Business Process Re-engineering¡¨ by Professor Lai K Chan and Dr. John Leung, with 95 participants.

(b) Work Visits

  • 37 members visited KCRC on 25 November 1994.
  • 30 members visited Chen Hsong Machinery Co. on 27 May, 1995.
  • 20 members visited MC Packaging HK Limited on 24 June, 1995.

(c) Training Courses

  • ¡§Refresher course for the CQE examination¡¨ was organised from 04 January to 15 March 1995 with 10 participants for the June 1995 examination.
  • Another ¡§Refresher course for the CQE examination¡¨ started on 19 July 1995 and it will end on 20 September 1995, again with 10 participants.

We continue to maintain a very healthy financial position in the last year. As of 30 June 1995, our cash account has a balance of about HKD137,400 though we have more expense than income. Major expenses are spent in the printing of the Society brochure and the adverstisement in the newspapers.

Our Executive Committee had 7 meetings for the session 94/95. My sincere thanks go to the members of the Executive Committee whose dedication and commitment are essential for the success of our activities.


Prepared by C P Chow

Chairman 1994/1995 – HKSQC

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