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2001/2002 session

The Chairman’s Report (2001/2002 session)

The officers and members of the Executive Committee for the financial year ending 30 June 2002 are as follows:
Chairman : Mr. Aaron TONG
Vice Chairman : Mr. Karson CHUI
Hon. Secretary : Mr. Humphrey LEE
Hon. Treasurer : Mr. Lotto LAI
Regular Committee Members : Ms Celia CHAN
Dr. K.S. Chin
Mr. C.P. Chow
Mr. Peter Fung
Mr. W.O. LEE
Ms. Agnes TAM
Dr. Albert TSANG
Dr. Fugee TSUNG
Co-opt Member : Mr. K.W. LEE

I am pleased to report that we have had another successful year for the 2001/2002 session. We signed the WorldPartner program with ASQ, currently ASQ only has 8 WorldPartners in the World. Our Chairman: Mr. Aaron TONG and our past Chairman: Dr. Albert TSANG represented the Society to attend ASQ’s Annual Quality Congress held in Denver in May 2002.

9 Executive Committee meetings were held in the session. Various activities, including 17 seminars/symposia/workshops and 3 technical visits were organized by the Society during the last session. These events were well received by our members and other participants from local manufacturing and service industries.

Benefits to members: Our members can purchase quality management publications at a discount price of HKD20.00 including postage and packing from the City University of Hong Kong.
The Society, up to the end of the 2001/2002 session, has some 319 members of various grades, in which 32 are new members recruited in the session. The Society so far has 20 Senior Members and six Fellows.

The Society has continued to cooperate with other quality professional bodies to further promote a greater awareness of the need for quality in Hong Kong and state-of-the-art concepts and techniques in quality management and engineering aspects. Collaboration activities included jointly organized seminars, workshops, and Government funded projects.
Listing of activities held in 2001/2002 session

A. Seminars/ Workshops/Training courses

  • Seminar on Calibration Practice
  • An Overview on F&IU (SM) Regulation & Safety Management System Seminar
  • OHSAS 18000
  • Integrating Management System Training
  • Upgrading to ISO9001:2000 Training
  • Managing Safety in your Workplace: Cope with F&IU (SM) Regulation Seminar
  • Knowledge Management Implementation Strategy for SMEs in the Manufacturing Sector
  • Total Quality Management – Latest Information and Good Practices Sharing
  • Essence of Six Sigma
  • Benchmarking: an essential tool for continuous improvement
  • Grasping opportunities – The key success factor for SME
  • Decision Support System for Organization Self Assessment
  • A Novel Approach to Developing Breakthrough Products
  • TCM – Total Control Methodologies for Continuous Improvement
  • Contemporary Quality Management Practices – A Japanese Perspective
  • Statistical Data Mining
  • Design of Experiments for Medical Manufacturing

B. Technical Visits

  • Study mission to Beijing and Dalian together with City University of HK, 7 HKSQ Members joined this study.
  • Visit Holmes in Dongguan and Computime in Shenzhen, China.
  • Visit MTR TKE Extension. HKSQ contributed HKD2000 to the Community Chest in appreciation of MTR・s hospitality in hosting the visit.

C. Membership Drive

  • Dr. Albert Tsang and Dr. K.S. Chin conducted membership drive in PolyU in September 2001, and in CityU in April 2002, respectively.

D. Other Major Activities

  • The Executive Committee members have met several quality experts and introduced our Society to them. They included Prof. Tang XQ, Vice President of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Prof. Shu Yamada of Science University of Tokyo, and Prof. Dennis Lin of The Pennsylvania University 
  • With the sponsorship from TQM Consultants Co. Ltd., the Society continued to organize the Quality Management Student Project Competition. This year there were 7 entries received from 4 universities. HKIE, IEE(HK), IIE(HK), HKQMA, and IQA (HK) supported the event. Besides, the Industry Department (now reorganized as the Trade and Industry Department) of the HKSAR Government was also a supporting body of the 2000/2001 Student Project Competition. 
  • The Society continued to be the proctor of the ASQ Certification Examinations held in Hong Kong. Dr. Albert Tsang, our Executive Committee member, contributed in serving as proctor of these examinations. 
  • The Society was one of the supporting organizations for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (Hong Kong Chapter) to apply a New Technology Transfer Scheme with no financial liability, and organized a 2-day course on :Design of Experiments for Medical Manufacturing; in Hong Kong. Besides, the Society would continue to support several external funded projects. For instance, an application for the HKSAR Government・s Innovation and Technology Fund application that would help Hong Kong organizations to update their operations in line with the requirements and the approval of Food and Drug Association (FDA). 
  • The Society is one of the supporting bodies of the 3rd International Conference on Quality & Reliability (ICQR2002) to be held in August 2002. 
Aaron TONGChairman 2001/2002

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