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Brief Biosketch

Dr. Albert H.C. Tsang is a long serving member of the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He retired in 2010.

Over the years, Dr. Tsang has been very active in professional and scholarly activities both in Hong Kong and internationally. He received the Ishikawa-Kano Silver Medal awarded by Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) in 2021, and served as the Country Counselor of American Society for Quality (ASQ) in Hong Kong from 2013 to 2018. Dr. Tsang is a founding member of Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ), and he served as its Chairman in years 1991 to 1993 and 2006 to 2009. Dr. Tsang has published numerous articles in international refereed journals, and speaks at international conferences in the areas of quality, reliability, performance management, physical asset management and industrial applications of RFID technology. He served on the Organizing Committee of five International Conferences on Quality & Reliability (ICQR) held in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Beijing and Chiang Mai in the years 1995 to 2007, as well as that of the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress held in Hong Kong in 2012. Dr. Tsang has been invited speakers at international events held in Canada, South Korea, South Africa, Peru, Chile, and Iran. He is a member of the International Panel on the Futures of Quality Study conducted by ASQ in 2008 and 2011. Dr. Tsang is Regional Editor for Asia of Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, and he serves on the International Editorial Advisory Committee of the West Indian Journal of Engineering.

Dr. Tsang offers a broad range of professional services to the community and regularly engages in consulting assignments for the government sector and private enterprises in Hong Kong and its neighboring region. He holds four patents, is the author of “WeibullSoft” (a computer-aided self learning package on Weibull analysis), and author / co-author of several books covering areas such as development of breakthrough products, physical asset management, and industrial applications of RFID technology.


Teaching and Research Specialties

Total Quality Management; Sustainability Management: Corporate Social Responsibility; Lean Management, Physical Asset Management; Organizational Performance Management; Quality Engineering; Six Sigma; Reliability Engineering, Maintenance Decision Analysis


Honours and Awards

Awards and Patents

  • Ishikawa-Kano Silver Medal awarded by Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) in 2021
  • Hong Kong ICT Awards 2007: Best Innovation & Research Certificate of Merit – Best Social Responsibility: “Supply-chain Pedigree Interactive Dynamic Explorer (SPIDER) in Food Safety”
  • “Method for Optimizing RFID Deployment and RFID Deployment Optimizer of Use Thereof “, US 8,325,012 B2, United States Patent (4 December 2012)
  • “Apparatus and Method for Identifying Object Movement and Location with RFID Device”, HK1095991, Hong Kong Patent (18 May 2007)
  • “Physimetric property identification of physical object for process control”, United States Patent No.: US 8055053 B2 (2011)
  • “Physimetric authentication oh physical object by digital identification (DID)”, United States Patent Application, Publication No.: 20080143476 (2008)

External Committees

  • Member of the International Panel on the Futures of Quality Study conducted by ASQ in 2008 and 2011
  • Member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Brand Development Council
  • Member of the Business Asset and Continuity Management Technical Committee, Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)
  • Regional Editor for Asia of Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering
  • Member, International Editorial Advisory Committee of the West Indian Journal of Engineering
  • Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress 2012, Hong Kong, 31 July to 3 August 2012

Memberships of Professional Bodies

  • Country Counselor of American Society for Quality (ASQ) in Hong Kong, from 2013 to 2018
  • Senior Member of ASQ
  • Member of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE)
  • Fellow of Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ)
  • Member of the International Foundation for Research in Maintenance (IFRIM)


Major Publications

Books and Software Authored

  1. Maintenance, Reliability, and Replacement: Theory and Applications, 3rd edition, 2022, CRC / Taylor & Francis
  2. “Development of an RFID-based Surgery Management System: Lesson Learnt from a Hong Kong Public Hospital”, Chapter in Advances in Engineering for Surgery – from information-guided surgery to cell-based medicine, edited by Ming-Chien Chyu, 2013, Multi-Science Publishing, 391-416
  3. Maintenance Performance Management in Capital Intensive Organizations: Key to Optimizing Management of Physical Infrastructure Assets2009, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
  4. Reliability Centred Maintenance: A Key to Maintenance Excellence, in Quality Transformation Series, 2000, City University of Hong Kong
  5. Developing Breakthrough Products That Break Through, in Quality Transformation Series, 2001, City University of Hong Kong
  6. Advanced Radio Frequency Identification Technology: Counterfeit Prevention, Physical Asset Management and Business Applications 2007, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  7. WeibullSoft, a e-learning package on Weibull Analysis, 2005, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  8. e-Learning Materials on Reliability Engineering, 2009, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Journal Publications

  1. “Estimators of 2-parameter Weibull distributions from incomplete data with residual lifetime“, IEEE Tran. on Rel.42(2), 1993
  2. “Condition-based maintenance:  tools and decision making”, J. of Quality in Maintenance Engineering1 (3), 1995
  3. “Measuring Maintenance Performance: A Holistic Approach”, Int’l J. of Operations & Production Management19(7), 1999
  4. “TPM Implementation in China: A Case Study”, Int’l J. of Quality & Reliability Management17(2), 2000
  5. “Strategic Dimensions of Maintenance Management”, J. of Quality in Maintenance Engineering8(1), 2002
  6. “Antecedents to Successful Implementation of Six Sigma”, Int. J. Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage, 1(3), 2005
  7. “A Methodology for Availability Assessment of Tunnel Designs”, Int’l J. of Quality & Reliability Management23(1), 2006
  8. “Data Management for CBM Optimization”, J. of Quality in Maintenance Engineering12(1), 2006
  9. “The Carroll-Hung Method for Component Reliability Mapping in Aircraft Maintenance”, Quality and Reliability Engineering Int’l23(1), 2007
  10. “Critical Elements and Lessons Learnt from the Implementation of an RFID-enabled Healthcare Management System in a Medical Organization”, J.of Medical Systems, 2009
  11. “Data Mining in Biomedicine: Current Applications and Further Directions for Research” J. Software Engineering & Applications2(3), 2009
  12. “CASESIAN: A Knowledge-based System Using Statistical and Experiential Perspectives for Improving the Knowledge Sharing in the Medical Prescription Process”, Expert Systems With Applications37(7), 2010
  13. “RACER: Rule-Associated Case-based Reasoning for Supporting General Practitioners in Prescription Making”, Expert Systems With Applications37(12), 2010
  14. “A Hybrid Knowledge-based Approach to Supporting the Medical Prescription for General Practitioners: Real case in a Hong Kong Medical Center”, Knowledge-Based Systems24(3), 2011

Conference Presentations

  1. “Data Management Issues for CBM Decision Analysis”, 2005 Int’l Maintenance Excellence Conf., Toronto, Canada, 2 November 2005
  2. “New Challenges of Quality Professionals in Asia”, INFORMS Int’l Hong Kong 2006, 27 June 2006
  3. “Tools for Failure Data Analysis”, the VI Int’l Symposium on MaintenanceLima, Peru, 26 October 2006
  4. “Maintaining Over the Asset Lifecycle”, the Asset Management Thought Leadership Conf., Cape Town, South Africa, 8-10 May 2007
  5. “RFID Enabled Asset Tracking Systems”, the 3rd Int’l Physical Asset Management Conf., Tehran, Iran, 25-27 August 2007
  6. “Sourcing Strategies in the Delivery of Maintenance Services”, 2007 Int’l Maintenance Excellence Conf., Toronto, Canada, 31 October – 2 November 2007
  7. “A System Dynamics Model for Intellectual Capital Management”, the 5th Int’l Conf. on Quality & Reliability, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 5-7 November 2007
  8. ‘”An Intelligent RFID-based Electronic Anti-Counterfeit System (InRECS) for the Manufacturing Industry”, the 17th Int’l Federation of Automatic Control IFAC, World Congress, Seoul, Korea, 6-11 July 2008
  9. “A Framework for Optimized Management of Physical Infrastructure Assets”, the VII Int’l Maintenance Symposium, Lima, Peru, 21-24 October 2008
  10. “RFIDDO: A Learning Kit for RFID Deployment Education”. Int’l Technology, Education and Development Conf. 2009, Valencia, Spain, 9-11 March 2009
  11. “A Context Aware and Reality-Based Learning System”. Int’l Technology, Education and Development Conf. 2011, Valencia, Spain, 7-9 March 2011
  12. “RFID in Mining Industry: Current Applications and Future Research Directions”, World Trends in Maintenance Engineering Conf. 2013, Pretoria, South Africa, 13-15 August 2013
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